Experts in:

Modeling and simulation

  • Valuation of financial products and their risks, portfolio management.
  • Simulation of industrial processes (for optimal factory planning).

Statistics and Big Data

  • Statistical advice and data analysis.
  • Time series forecasting.
  • Production of maps from spatial data.
  • Customer, market and product studies.
  • Risk and financial analysis.
  • Applications in the field of health.
  • Control of production, processes and stocks.
  • Statistical applications for industry or public administrations.
  • Predictive models in marketing.
  • Predictive models of non-payment.
  • Property price estimation.
  • Creation of databases with public data from INE, Cadastre, Portals, etc.


  • Process optimization.
  • Stock optimization.
  • Optimal decision support.
  • Optimization of industrial and business processes.
  • Resource optimization.
  • Work planning.

Artificial intelligence

  • Automatic learning.
  • Neural networks.
  • Deep learning.
  • Aprendizaje automático.
  • Desarrollo de gemelos digitales.


  • Programming in scientific languages: Fortran, C, C++, Python, Matlab, R.
  • Development of software packages.
  • Development of graphical interfaces.
  • Implementation of commercial and free software packages.
  • Use of free software packages.
  • WEB applications / technologies.
  • Distributed computing.

Areas of experience:

Challenge 1: Health

  • Evolution of demographic rates. Population projections and generation of scenario trees in a time horizon.
  • Characterisation of population habits. Simulation of the flow of users by services.
  • Optimization of the planning of the location of primary health centres in uncertain environments of the evolution of demographic rates over a time horizon.

Challenge 3: Energy

  • Forecasting and planning of energy production for domestic or industrial use.

Use cases:

Optimization of the planning of corrugated board production plants (Winbox)

Plant management and planning software that provides a solution to the great challenge of reducing production costs while providing an optimum service to the end customer:


It is a set of economic and socio-demographic indicators that provide an accurate portrait of Spanish society and its way of life. A key tool when defining marketing and geomarketing strategies, as well as for the rest of the areas of the company for which knowledge of the customer (real or potential) and their behaviour in the territory is relevant when making decisions:

ODS Maps

ODS Maps is the comprehensive solution for managing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the objectives of the Spanish Urban Agenda (SUA).

ODS Maps includes data, software and services to provide cities and communities in Spain with the information, science and tools needed to measure, interpret, visualise, collaborate and act on the Sustainable Development Goals, helping to facilitate the path towards the end of poverty, the protection of the planet and the peace and prosperity of citizens.

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