Experts in:

Modeling and simulation

  • Fluids: gases, liquids.
  • Combustion.
  • Thermal or thermodynamic.
  • Mechanical or structural.
  • Simulation and modelling of particulate matter using the discrete element method (DEM).

Artificial intelligence

  • Development of digital twins.
  • Machine learning.
  • Automatic learning.


  • Programming in scientific languages: Fortran, C, C++, Python, Matlab, R.
  • Use of free software packages.
  • Parallelisation of algorithms.
  • GPU programming.
  • High performance computing.

Ámbitos de experiencia:

Challenge 3: Energy

  • Numerical simulation of heat transfer and combustion processes.

Use cases:


“Study and modelling of the rheological behaviour of powdery ceramic materials during mould filling”. ABSTRACT: A software for the simulation of the rheological behaviour of particulate material was developed. Thanks to this software, new atomised powder feeding systems were designed in the ceramic industry.

Software link:


“Development of an integrated tool for the safe and efficient implementation of shallow geothermal energy harvesting systems”.

ABSTRACT: Development of a simplified heat exchange model for the preliminary assessment of the suitability of a low enthalpy geothermal installation based on energy needs and ground properties.


“Modelling the sintering of ceramic tiles using the SOVS model”.

ABSTRACT: Development of a ceramic tile sintering model to evaluate the shrinkage, densification and curvature of tiles during firing and cooling.


“Research and development of a methodology for the implementation of digital twins in key manufacturing processes for the Valencian industrial fabric”.

SUMMARY: development of an ad-hoc discrete event simulation tool in Java. It also includes the creation of an OPC-UA client for data exchange and interconnectivity between the model and the plant. The tool can be used as a digital twin in ceramic tile manufacturing.

More information: Boix, J., Mallol, G., Tiscar, J.M., Cantero, J.I., Olmedilla, A., Vinaroz, M. Discrete event modelling and simulation of the ceramic tile manufacturing process. Qualicer, 2020.

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