Dissemination of PET MSO-ED in EU-MATHS-IN

Among the activities of the Spanish Mathematical Industry Network (math-in), its vice-president Tomeu Coll presented the main milestones of the PET MSO-ED platform in 2022 at the EU-MATHS-IN Council, held in Paris on 7 December.

The Council was also attended by Peregrina Quintela, president of PET MSO-ED and vice-president of EU-MATHS-IN, who coordinates for Europe the EU-MATHS-IN database on success stories of Mathematics-Industry collaboration, its Working Group WG 2.4 oriented to promote proposals for Marie Curie Industrial PhD networks, as well as the EU-MATHS-IN Open Desk. If any of these initiatives are of interest to any of the members of PET MSO-ED please send an email to info@pet-mso-ed.es

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