What is the MSO-ED Hub?

The Hub MSO-ED is an open counter of modelling, simulation, optimization and data science technologies for innovative companies and entities from all industrial sectors. Its services are provided by experts in MSO-ED from the Spanish Technology Platform MSO-ED, both from the academia (universities, research centers and scientific organizations) and from non-academia (industries, companies, hospitals, technology centers and administrations).

All interested entities can submit their innovation needs to the hub. Through a support process led by expert professionals, the feasibility of addressing them through MSO-ED technologies is analyzsed and, if so, the best path to a solution is sought.

The MSO-ED Hub is oriented towards all industrial sectors, although the main services are oriented towards the sectors most involved in the 3 challenges on which the platform focuses. In addition, special attention is paid to its promotion in SMEs.

Context in PET MSO-ED

In accordance with the objectives of PET MSO-ED and its Strategic Agenda for Research and Innovation, the hub channels requests for collaboration between entities to address their implementation depending on the nature of the problem, its complexity, the degree of confidentiality required, or the urgency of the requesting entity to solve it.

It allows flexible access to all the services offered: MSO-ED technologies, tutorials, training, access to specialized researchers, access to other existing Spanish and European infrastructures, or being individually advised by technology translators from the participating entities. To this end, it works in coordination with all the agents to disseminate information, detect emerging challenges, develop advanced and adapted technologies, and promote the transfer of knowledge in the field of mathematics.

For the harmonious collaboration of all the entities that provide services in the Hub, a tutored protocol is available to assess the suitability of the MSO-ED technologies to support, improve or solve the requested service. For a precise diagnosis adapted to the needs of the requesting entity, experts in each fields of ​​interest manage and accompany the requesting entity in the process to be followed. The necessary meetings between the agents involved are coordinated from de Hub. Throughout the entire process, traceability, transparency and the required confidentiality are guaranteed.

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