PET MSO-ES: A platform to boost innovation

The main objective of PET MSO-ED is to promote and strengthen collaboration in R&D&I between the public and business sectors, taking advantage of the potential of mathematics to address the challenges posed in the industrial world and in society. The aim is to provide the Spanish industrial, academic and business research and innovation community with a comprehensive and well-coordinated infrastructure for all needs related to the adoption and development of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies, applying the resources of Science Data in a Digital Environment. Achieving this objective is essential to support an efficient, safe, sustainable and competitive industrial fabric, especially in the field of SMEs.

The Spanish Platform for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED) was created under the call for grants for Technological and Innovation Platforms, within the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to Challenges of the Company, within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2017-2020 of the Ministry of Science and Innovation. PET MSO-ED is financed within the Call 2020 with reference PTR2020-00163.

The platform has been promoted by the Spanish Mathematics-Industry Network (math-in®). In addition, it has the financial support of the Mathematics-Industry Thematic Network (RTmath-in, RED2018-102514-T), financed by MCIU-AEI.

PET MSO-ED Members

Any entity domiciled in Spain can be a member of PET MSO-ED. Being a member of the platform gives free access to:

  • Strategic relationships with experts in MSO-ED
  • Free diagnosis on the entity’s challenges
  • Define strategic lines of common interest
  • Offers to collaborate on projects and participate in consortia
  • Being a provider of the MSO-ED Hub of the platform

The members of PET MSO-ED participate in the day to day, making decisions, collaborating with other entities and benefiting from the synergies between researchers, companies and the organizations that comprise it. They thus participate in a new paradigm of public-private collaboration that allows a bidirectional transfer of knowledge between the Academy and the Industry. It also has specialized technology translators, and the support of the platform’s Technical Secretariat, led by the Spanish Mathematics-Industry Network (math-in).

Non-members of PET MSO-ED

Any entity, Spanish or foreign, can request the collaboration of PET MSO-ED without becoming a member. Mechanisms to support innovation will be sought for the requesting entity in which the platform’s MSO-ED experts will participate. Although non-members do not enjoy the benefits of their members, they will have free access to the Hub’s pre-diagnosis service.
If you want to carry out projects in collaboration with us without becoming a member, this is also your place!

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