PET MSO-ED Public Documents of Interest

  • Strategic Agenda for Research and Innovation: It is the instrument that gathers the set of initiatives, plans and activities that PET MSO-ED will follow to achieve the objectives set and, thus, position it in the strategic place of the society that it wishes to reach.
  • MSO-ED Hub Strategy and Procedures: It is the instrument that includes the strategy of the MSO-ED Hub, its portfolio of services, and procedures. It also includes the basic documents for the different phases of the processes.
  • Internal Regulations: It is the document that regulates in detail the internal and usual operation of the PET MSO-ED Platform.
  • Guide of Good Practices: This guide sets out the procedure to be followed to progressively improve the operation of the PET MSO-ED Platform and guarantee that an ethical standard of good practice is respected.
  • Specific objectives of the Working Groups: This document has been prepared to facilitate the work of the Working Groups oriented to the challenges on which the Platform focuses.
  • Internal Communication Document: This document reports on the internal communication channels to facilitate the dissemination of an informative, organizational or decision-making content in order to ensure that all entities participating in the platform are informed of its initiatives, opportunities, actions and achievements.
  • External Communication Document: This document informs about the communication channels between the Platform and external agents.

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