Become a member of PET MSO-ED

  1. Eligible members for the PET MSO-ED platform

All entities that meet the following requirements can be members of the Platform:

  1. Being an organization with legal personality and registered office in Spain.
  2. Have activity related to Modelling, Simulation and Optimization technologies in a Digital Environment or be interested in using them.
  3. Develop activities within one of the three Society Challenges on which the PET MSO-ED is focussed, or be interested in improving or optimizing some of its activities to meet any of the objectives of the aforementioned challenges. These Challenges are:
    • Challenge 1: Health, Demographic Change and Well-Being.
    • Challenge 3: Safe, Efficient and Clean Energy.
    • Challenge 5: Climate Change and Use of Natural Resources and Raw Materials.
  4. Assume the approaches and objectives of the platform and accept its Internal Regulations.
  5. Collaborate in achieving the Platform objectives.
  6. Develop an ethical and collaborative conduct.
  7. Provide the platform with the data and information agreed upon provided that they are not of a strategic or confidential nature.

These organizations may have a different nature, general objectives, and capacities (companies, industries, universities, large research centers, technology centers, public administrations, etc.).

  1. Admission Process

The membership application must be completed and signed by the person who has legal authority within the applicant entity. It must be sent, either by regular mail or by email with acknowledgment of receipt, to the Technical Secretariat of PET MSO-ED.
The address for sending by ordinary mail is:

Technical Secretariat of the Spanish Technology Platform MSO-ED
Spanish Network for Mathematics & Industry
C/ Lope Gómez de Marzoa s/n.
Campus Vida
15782 Santiago de Compostela. Spain

For sending by email, the address is: indicating in the Subject “Application for Admission in PET MSO-ED”.

Once the application has been submitted, the Platform Management Committee must approve the admission at its next meeting.

Each participating entity may have two representatives: one of them will act as contact in all administrative procedures and to spread the Platform activities among the members of her/his entity, and another official representative who will have the right to cast the entity’s vote in the Platform’s General Assembly. Both representatives can coincide in the same person.

  1. Membership cancellation

Any entity can request to be removed as a member of the platform at any time. To do this, its official representative must notify it, either in regular mail or via email with acknowledgment of receipt, to the Technical Secretariat, attaching the request for withdrawal signed by the legal representative of the entity.

Membership may also be lost for failing to comply with the requirements established in the articles of PET MSO-ED Internal Regulations, or for having behaviour that harms the rest of the members of the Platform, or is contrary to its interests. This decision will be made by the Platform Management Committee by simple majority.

Full information can be found in the Platform’s Internal Regulations.

[1] PET MSO-ED, with reference PTR2020-00163, is financed by the State Research Agency, Ministry of Science and Innovation, within the Call Corresponding to  year 2020 of Technological and Innovation Platforms of the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society (State Plan R&D&I 2017-2020).

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