The main objective of PET MSO-ED is to promote and strengthen collaboration in R&D&I between the public and business sectors, taking advantage of the potential of mathematics to address the challenges posed in the industrial world and in society. To achieve this, up to eight specific objectives have been identified:

With the orientation marked by the general objective of PET MSO-ED, the set of specific objectives to achieve in PET MSO-ED are:

Carry out a joint analysis with the different actors involved in the bidirectional transfer of mathematical technology for the business and industrial sector (institutes, networks, companies, business associations, among others).  The analysis should facilitate to face the challenge towards a Digital Connected Digital Industry 5.0. and to detect new technological demands.

Developing tutorials will be developed on detailed success stories focused on more effective innovation through the application of mathematical technology, such as those required for a Smart Industry 4.0 and a Digital Connected Industry 5.0. An updated directory of researchers and research centers involved in the MSO-ED tools tutorials as well as the industrial partners involved in each case will be included. All those interested will have open access to this database of MSO-ED tool tutorials, classified by industrial sectors, by Challenges of the Society of the State R&D&I Plan 2017-2020, by Horizon Europe Global Challenges, and by type of application.

Encourage private financing in R&D&I in Spain based on public-private collaboration, and in this way, collaborate in adapting the research lines to the great present and futures challenges and futures of today’s society. Promote participation in CDTI projects, in competitive projects oriented to the challenges of society, and in the establishment of R&D&I Academia-Industry transfer contracts.

Promote the holding of meetings, exchanges and workshops between companies and R&D&I centers to favour and promote the incorporation of new mathematical technologies, at the level of knowledge, tools and techniques, in the innovation processes of the industry. The platform will allow flexible access to all the services offered: MSO-ED technologies, tutorials, training, access to specialized researchers, access to other existing Spanish and European infrastructures, or being individually advised by technology translators from the participating entities. Thanks to these initiatives to bring the academic and industrial spheres closer together, the incorporation of new members interested in the activities and services of the platform will be facilitated, and there will be a greater guarantee of success in the O3 Objective.

Special emphasis will be placed on participation in European projects (Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe program type). To this end, collaboration with the European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN), and with its 19 national networks belonging to as many European countries, will be essential to promote participation in consortia of large projects to Spanish companies and knowledge centers.

The Spanish Network for Mathematics – Industry (math-in) is the Spanish node of EU-MATHS-IN since it was founded in 2013. The PET MSO-ED platform will work cohesively with math-in to become a communication channel in Spain, in all aspects of MSO-ED technologies, which facilitates dialogue between companies, business associations, universities, research centers, and works in coordination with its transfer units and R&D&I departments . Establish coordination mechanisms for the technological translators belonging to the participating entities, facilitating communication both within the academic and industrial worlds, and establishing a best practice guide based on the experience of European entities with the best practices in this field. All this will result in an increase in the role that the Spanish node of EU-MATHS-IN will play at a European level.

It is about facilitating and promoting the development of a national infrastructure that works in coordination with all agents to disseminate, detect emerging challenges, develop advanced and adapted technologies, and promote the transfer of knowledge in the field of mathematics. This coordinated approach of all the agents involved will allow the experience and infrastructures of the participating entities to be used more effectively, involving social agents, adding value to innovation and investment projects at all levels, and promoting Spanish leadership in the European industry. Throughout this path, special attention will be paid to increasing female leadership throughout the chain of communication and work.

Specific actions will be carried out to disseminate the advances among the different stakeholders: the academic world, industry, those responsible for formulating scientific policies, and society in general. The purpose of the objective is multiple: to raise awareness of the great potential of mathematics in the challenges that society needs to solve, to incorporate new public and private entities in the platform, and to make more visible the return to society of the results of research activity finance mainly by public funds. In all outreach activities, the participation of women in relevant presentations will be promoted.

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