PET MSO-ED | provisional concession

From math-in, it is a pleasure to communicate the provisional resolution favorable to our request to create the Spanish Platform for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED). The proposal has been very positively valued by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, for which we believe that it will represent a very important qualitative change in Mathematics-Industry relations.
The general objective of the Spanish Platform for Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED) is to promote and strengthen collaboration in R&D&I between the public and business sectors, taking advantage of the potential of mathematics to address the challenges posed in the industrial world and in society. The aim is to provide the Spanish industrial, academic and business research and innovation community with a comprehensive and well-coordinated infrastructure for all needs related to the adoption and development of Mathematical Modeling, Simulation and Optimization Technologies, taking advantage of the resources of the Science of Data in a Digital Environment.
The PET MSO-ED will focus on the following Societal Challenges:

  • Health, Demographic Change and Well-being.
  • Safe, Efficient and Clean Energy.
  • Climate Change and Use of Natural Resources and Raw Materials.

For this success, the support given to this initiative by 50 entities (22 from the private sphere, companies, health institutions and/or technological institutions; 15 universities and/or research centers; 8 national networks from as many European countries; 1 network of European networks and the 4 most important scientific societies in the field of mathematics in Spain) and 66 researchers belonging to the partner groups of math-in has been invaluable.
The platform launch kickoff meeting is scheduled to take place next January.
We will work tirelessly to achieve all the objectives that give meaning to this initiative and that will be key to changing the panorama of current MSO-ED Technologies. We will keep you informed to invite you to participate in PET MSO-ED.

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