Experts in:

Modeling and simulation

  • Mechanical or Structural.
  • Thermal or thermodynamics.
  • Fluid: gases, liquids.
  • Fluid-structure interaction.
  • Chemical kinetics.
  • Combustion.
  • Electronic and/or electromagnetic.
  • Environmental.
  • Biological.
  • Multiphysical phenomena.
  • Valuation of financial products and their risks, portfolio management.

Statistics and Big Data

  • Statistical advice and data analysis.
  • Time series forecasting.
  • Production of maps from spatial data.
  • Environmental and energy statistics.
  • Tourism statistics.
  • Customer, market and product studies.
  • Risk and financial analysis.
  • Design of experiments, clinical trials.
  • Biostatistics, epidemiology.
  • Applications in the field of health.
  • Quality control and reliability.
  • Production, process and stock control.
  • Statistical applications for industry or public administrations.


  • Products optimization.
  • Optimization of processes.
  • Stocks optimization.
  • Resources optimization.
  • Optimization in the location of resources.
  • Planning of transport routes.
  • Work planning.
  • Support for optimal decision-making.
  • Optimization of industrial and business processes.


  • Programming in scientific languages: Fortran, C, C++, Python, Matlab, R.
  • Implementation of commercial and free software packages.
  • Use of commercial software packages.
  • Use of free software packages.

Areas of experience:

Challenge 1: Health

  • Visualisation, processing and analysis of medical images. Characterisation of false positives. Learning models using large databases (machine/deep learning).

Challenge 3: Energy

  • Prediction and planning of energy production for domestic or industrial use.
  • Optimisation of maintenance planning for electricity generators.
  • Numerical simulation of thermoelectric, thermomagnetic and thermomechanical processes.

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