Technologies of Modelling,
Simulation and Optimisation
in a Digital Environment (MSO-ED)

A commitment towards intelligent innovation


Discover the potential of MSO-ED technologies.

Date: 24 March

Time: 10:00 – 11:45

Modality: Online through Teams

Registration deadline: March 23 at 5:00 p.m.

The aim of this event is to show the potential of MSO-ED technologies in Academy-Industry collaboration, the existing mechanisms to promote and facilitate this collaboration, and the impact that their implementation has on the productive fabric and on the GDP. Speakers from a wide range of backgrounds (universities, research centres, companies, and public administrations) will present and discuss the efficiency in innovation provided by MSO-ED tools, and the impact that their application has on society as a whole.

Organised by the Spanish Platform for Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation Technologies in a Digital Environment (PET MSO-ED) in collaboration with the Spanish Network Mathematics-Industry (math-in) and the Gadea Foundation.



10:00 Welcome
10:10 Presentation of various initiatives aimed at promoting smart innovation. See slides.

– Peregrina Quintela (President of PET MSO-ED, Vice-president of EU-MATHS-IN, and Professor of Applied Mathematics at USC & CITMAga).

10:30-11:45 Round Table: a perspective on the potential of MSO-ED Technologies in Industry. See video.

– Mª del Pilar González Gotor. Head of Department of Promoción Institucional y Cooperación Territorial. Dirección de Programas de la UE y Cooperación Territorial. CDTI

– Alfredo Bermúdez de Castro y López Varela (Professor of Applied Mathematics of the  University of Santiago de Compostela and affiliated researcher to CITMAga).
– Ainhoa Morata Orrantia (Head of Área de Ciencias y TIC. Subdivisión de Programas Temáticos Científicos-Técnicos. Agencia Estatal de Investigación (AEI)).
– Isabel Obieta Vilallonga. Programme Manager for Responsible Electronics. European Innovation Council (EIC).
– José Luis Saiz Díaz. Director of Innovation. Babcock Internacional España.
– Juan Súarez Izquierdo. CEO of Water2kW.