Wiring Technologies SL


Experts in:

Statistics and Big Data

  • Statistical consulting and data analysis.
  • Time series forecasting.
  • Production, processes and stock control.
  • Applications in the health sector.


  • Processes optimization.


  • Data modelling / Databases.
  • WEB applications / technologies.
  • Transport route planning.

  • Implementation of commercial and free software packages.

Areas of expertise:

Challenge 5: Environment

  • Simulation, optimization and control of production and distribution processes.
  • Integral optimization of product and goods supply chains.

Use cases:


Habeats is a comprehensive and easy-to-use tool for personalized tracking of all your steps towards an addiction-free life. Based on a checkpoint system that tracks your daily schedule, this app will remind you of your motivation, show you how to track your progress and guide you towards a healthier you with interesting activities.

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