Working Group of the White Paper on Capacities.

  • General CoordinatorM. Luisa Rapún (UPM, math-in) 

The development and continuous updating of a white paper of technological capabilities in the platform is vital to show any interested user the full innovative potential of the platform. This working group is responsible for preparing this document and disseminating it through the WEB. It is also responsible for establishing a catalog of use cases for MSO-ED technologies of the entities participating in the platform.

Working Group of the Spanish Hub of MSO-ED Technologies

  • General Coordinator: Peregrina Quintela (USC, ITMATI, math-in)

The MSO-ED Hub is the open service desk for platform innovation. It is made up of trained technology translators, coordinated from the Technical Secretariat and with the direct participation of expert professionals from the Platform entities. The MSO-ED Hub Working Group has been responsible for designing the Hub’s strategy and mode of operation. This group is responsible for supporting the Technical Secretary and the Management Committee throughout the workflow of the services required by the Hub. It is also in charge of supporting the Technical Secretary of the platform and the rest of the working groups in all the initiatives that allow increasing the bidirectional transfer between the research centers specialized in MSO-ED technologies, companies, technology centers, hospitals and administrations. Its operation established in the MSO-ED Hub Strategy and Procedures document is based on traceability, agility, and transparency, adhering at all times to the Platform’s Guide to Good Practices.

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