Functioning of the PET MSO-ED working groups

  1. Composition of the Working Groups of the PET MSO-ED platform

In accordance with Article 15 of the Platform’s Internal Regulations, the Working Groups are made up of natural persons, with a maximum number of five allowed for each entity member of the Platform. To enroll in any of the Working Groups, you must fill out the form attached to this page, signed by the official representative of the institution in PET MSO-ED, and send it to the Technical Secretary.

  1. Functions

The Working Groups have clear objectives and a planning of tasks, objectives and tentative deadlines on which to work. The way of working has been chosen by each of them (meetings, video or audio conferences, emails, wikis, forums, etc.). Each specific Working Group for the challenges has an academic and a non-academic coordinator. The coordinators have the function of agreeing and approving within the Working Group the objectives and action plans of said group. In addition, in each Working Group, a representative of the Technical Secretariat acts as Secretary, in charge of taking minutes of the agreements reached in the meetings of the same, and of sending all the documentation prepared by the Working Group to the Technical Secretariat, as well as as the minutes of their meetings. The Working Groups have the assistance of the Technical Secretariat of the Platform to facilitate their management and coordination with the Management Committee, and with the other Working Groups.

  1. Meetings and calls

The meetings of each Working Group are called by the coordinators of the group. After each meeting, the Secretary will prepare minutes that, once the approval of the coordinators has been obtained, will be sent to the Technical Secretariat for registration, and to the Management Committee to keep it informed of the activity and the decisions that are being adopted. Each Working Group will also present to the General Assembly an annual report that includes the main activities that they have carried out.

[1] PET MSO-ED, with reference PTR2020-00163, is financed by the State Research Agency, Ministry of Science and Innovation, within the Call Corresponding to  year 2020 of Technological and Innovation Platforms of the State Program for Research, Development and Innovation Oriented to the Challenges of Society (State Plan R&D&I 2017-2020).

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