Experts in:

Modeling and simulation

  • Heat map predictions.
  • Simulations of people mobility.
  • Disease and pest detection simulations.
  • Simulations of mobility and people flow management.

Statistics and Big Data

  • Statistical advice and data analysis.
  • Time series forecasting.
  • Environment and energy statistics.
  • Tourism statistics.

Artificial intelligence

  • Deep learning.
  • Machine learning.
  • Computer Vision.

Areas of experience:

Challenge 3: Energy

  • Help in making decisions in energy processes.

Challenge 5: Environment

  • Optimization of irrigation planning for agricultural and livestock purposes.

Use cases:


Application of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence for the detection and prevention of pests. Once all the data is collected, simulations of possible situations in which pests or diseases may occur for trees and plants are carried out.


Application of IoT and artificial intelligence for the efficient management of greenhouses. Different data are collected through IoT deployments (temperature, humidity, radiation torque, pH…) and with the historical and real-time data, all the situations that can occur in a greenhouse and affect crops at different times of the year are simulated, generating greater efficiencies, avoiding risks and saving costs.

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